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ClASS Clinical Assessment for Systems Strengthening


"The changes are enduring because it is helping to enhance systems for better utilization and accounting for money irrespective of source. It is institutional enhancement... Once improved, it will help across the board. "


"Action planning is a very profitable, very good exercise. It helps everyone involved when issues are fresh in everyone’s minds to think more deeply. "


"ClASS definitely facilitated transition... [The organization was] able to put recommendations in place and in their application for funding, stated those clearly. They demonstrated they were ready to receive funds and start functioning as a Local Partner. "


"...[ClASS Reviewers] were very good, experienced people who listen, review and probe. Learning occurs during the process when things that were taken for granted are brought into question.  "

ClASS Participant - Zambia

"I thank the reviewers for a collegial spirit and team work portrayed during the process. We feel we are connected. Your visit has indeed brought so much of capacity to my organization and colleagues. Thank you "

ClASS Participant Lesotho

"The consultants engaged for the financial and admin assessments were thorough and collaborative in working with the team to learn about the progress that has been made since the last ClASS assessment. Their findings were very helpful and constructive for us to improve processes and the program even further.   "

ClASS Participant Lesotho

"HRSA recommendations are more enabling because it is not just recommendations but also technical support and resources to effect change . . . Internally, there is a shift in the mind set and a realization of what is to be done – The process is owned by us. "

ClASS Participant, Zambia

"The thoroughness [of ClASS review] is very impressive. It was a systematic review which was strong. In the end, it mostly told us what we already knew. Still it gave helpful roadmap and set these organizations to be competitive."

USG Representative, Zambia

"Yes, it helped us win the [Funding Opportunity Announcement]. We had no idea what we were going in for."

ClASS Participant, Nigeria

ClASS Model and Methodology Review Findings and Recommendations June 2013
PEPFAR Guidance Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-Free Generation
Capacity Assessment Implementation Framework Best Practice: Technical Consultation Report