For Program Managers

The information and tools on this page contain resources to plan and implement a ClASS visit. Many of the resources collected below can be shared with program staff prior to the assessment to improve their understanding of the ClASS process and clarify their role in the process.

Assessment Guides
  • ClASS Team Lead Guide: The ClASS review team will vary in size depending upon the scope of the assessment. One reviewer typically will serve as the “Review Team Lead” and assist the Program Manager throughout the assessment serving in various roles and capacities. A review of the Team Lead Guide can provide insights into the different tasks that the team lead is prepared to tackle.
  • ClASS Assessment Guide: This guide is provided to each reviewer prior to their initial participation on an assessment. It is a guide to reorient the ClASS reviewer to the assessment framework, assessment preparation related to each visit, what to expect during the visit, and outlines the post-assessment process including report preparation and evaluations.
  • Scope of Work Template: This template can serve as a guide in the development of a thorough scope of work.
  • Sample Scope of Work: An example of a thorough, well-developed scope of work.
  • “What is ClASS?”: This PowerPoint presentation can be sent to programs in advanced of a ClASS visit to inform them of what to expect and assist in assessment preparation.
  • Document Review List: This list of documents is ideally requested from the in-country partner 30-45 days in advance. ClASS visits are most productive when the assessment team can review as many documents as possible in advance of the visit
  • Entrance Presentations: These presentations are for use by the review team and are meant as an example of what might be presented during the Entrance Meeting at the beginning of an initial or follow-up visit with a country program. They should first be adapted to the specific context in which they are intended for use.
  • Sample Assessment Agenda: Outlines the components that comprise an assessment, including the opening meeting, facility or institutional tour, information gathering, and exit conference.
  • Assessment Tools


  • Evaluation: As a part of continuous quality improvement efforts, ClASS reviewers and senior program staff, will be asked to complete an online survey to solicit feedback on the ClASS process, the performance of the review team, and any comments or suggestions on how to improve the implementation of ClASS. Reviewers are also asked to review their own performance. Survey results on individual reviewers will be anonymized, summarized and shared with the reviewer. Sample 360 evaluation Sample Trip Evaluation
  • Report Timeline Template: This clarifies the roles and responsibilities as well as the timeframe for development of the final assessment report. This should be filled out with the team in-country.
  • Report Template: The key immediate outcome from the assessment is the final report. Findings from the assessment are summarized into a report and applied to identify cross-cutting strengths, areas for improvement, and technical assistance needs.
  • Producing a Quality Assessment Report: Writing tips and examples from actual reports to assist in writing a thorough and constructive assessment report. Writing Tips