Training to be a ClASS Reviewer

ClASS Reviewer Training Materials

All ClASS reviewers are trained in person prior to their participation on a country field visit.  When possible, newly trained reviewers are given the opportunity to observe and co-facilitate an assessment with an experienced reviewer prior to conducting their first ClASS assessment independently.  Self-study modules and refresher courses for revised or updated content are offered online periodically.

PEPFAR Update 2014

The links and documents below are intended for use by all ClASS reviewers to prepare for fielding by understanding the latest PEPFAR direction and guidance stemming from the PEPFAR Stewardship and Oversight Act of 2013.

Self-study Modules 

The ClASS self-study sessions below are intended for use by new ClASS reviewers in order to prepare for and maximize in-person training time.  They are also used by trained reviewers seeking to refresh their knowledge of the framework or its application. 

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In-Person Training

A ClASS training typically lasts 1-2 days.  When possible, an extra day is added to give new reviewers the opportunity to co-facilitate and observe experienced consultants conducting assessment interviews. This opportunity provides the new reviewer practical experience in ClASS assessment facilitation. 

Session 1: Review of ClASS Framework and Process
Session 2: Overview of ClASS Methods
Session 3: Interviewing Skills
Session 4a: Administrative Breakout Session
Session 4b: Financial Breakout Session
Session 4c: Clinical Breakout Session
Session 4d: Leadership & Management Breakout Session
Session 4e: Counseling & Testing Breakout Session
Session 5: ClASS Debrief Sessions - Providing Effective Feedback
Session 6: Writing the ClASS Report
Session 7: ClASS Action Planning
Session 8: ClASS Toolkit
Session 9: Consulting with I-TECH

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions (see sessions 4a-e above) are an integral component of the in-person training.  During these sessions, reviewers are split into groups defined by area of expertise, and are given the opportunity to work with the specific module(s) they will use as a ClASS consultant.  By the end of the breakout session, participants should be able to: list the major sections of the modules that they are being trained to use; identify key resources for the assessment; utilize time-saving strategies when time at the site is limited; and develop an information gathering strategy based on the site setting.  For a detailed description of session activities, see the Facilitator's Guides and handouts for these sessions below.

Presentation Skills

ClASS training also provides reviewers the opportunity to develop strategies and talking points for presenting programs with areas that have been identified as needing improvement (see session 5 above).   This session focuses on writing practical recommendations, presenting findings in a culturally appropriate manner and prioritizing findings by technical area.  For a detailed description of session activities, see the Facilitator's Guide and handout for these sessions below.

Training Evaluation

Evaluation activities are integrated throughout the ClASS process to ensure a continuous quality improvement approach is documented.